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Sunday, October 17, 2010

:::::What is so Happy about a "Happy Dussehra" ?:::::

One of my friends wished me a "Happy Dussehra", and it really made me think that how can we 'Celebrate' Dussehra like we do and then feel something Happy about it.

In this Humanistic Valued Country, where Right to Live is a Fundamental Right (Article 21 : No person shall be deprived of his Life or personal Liberty except according to the procedure established by Law), what is that we feel Happy about watching a person Mr.Ravana (S/o Mr Vishrava and Mrs Kaikesi) being burnt amidst the Crowd ( a Barbarian Punishment, as if followed in a country like Afghanistan ).

Fundamental Rights, Article : 20.2 states that "No Person shall be prosecuted and punished for the same Offence more than once"; so how can we Punish Mr. Ravana for a Crime more than once by brutally and mercilessly Burning him amidst the Crowd, and blowing his Body into uncountable pieces using explosive material (An ACT of Terrorism) year by year on this occasion of Dussehra.

The Criminal charges against Mr. Ravana are that of Abduction only and they account for the Punishment as prescribed under the Section 360 (Kidnapping from India) , Section 362 (Abduction) and Section 366 (Kidnapping, abducting or inducing woman to compel her marriage, etc.) of Indian Penal Code, which all in total amounts to an imprisonment of 10 years with a Fine to be imposed on Mr.Ravana. There is also evidence of no proven Misconduct or Misbehavior with Sita Mata (W/o Lord Rama, resident of Ayodhya) when she was at Mr.Ravana's Premises. She was not Tortured Physically and no charges under Section 375 can be ruled against Mr. Ravana.

So, why till today Mr. Ravana who reigned over Sri Lanka from 2554 BC to 2517 BC, is being penalized under such inhumane Tortures.

Considering the fact that Mr.Ravana has the Right to file a Petition against this heinous brutalities against him. And, it is the duty of Human Rights activists to come forward for the salvage of Mr.Ravana (who is still considered one of the Most Learned and Brilliant Scholars of his Times. He was a Great Astrologist as evident from his Book RAVAN-SANHITA which is the Testimony to his great Astrological Knowledge and is considered as a standard book of reference by Astrologers even till-to-date). 

By Ravana we refer to here as the Deity of Ravana (which is considered to be as Immortal as the Person himself and is still worshiped till-to-date amongst a section of the World Population).

So, what is so Happy about a "Happy Dussehra" ?

My views are personal and in no matter their intent is to hurt any person's feelings or Religious sentiments or the feelings of a Community in particular or any matter related therewith or incidental thereto. They are just based on Moralistic and Humane grounds subject to the very basic issue of Human Rights.

- Puneet Ghai

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